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This is a fault detection process using a sophisticated infra-red digital thermography camera that detects loose electrical cables or connections that are becoming hot from carrying currents above their rated capacity. This tool ensures the reliability of power supply, especially important for factories that operate on a 24-hour cycle.

This is recommended once a year, and this will to reduce fire risk, and well as reduce unplanned power failures. (Some insurance companies offer discounts on fire premiums if you have a thermo-graphic scan every year)

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Thermographic Scan

Detailed Reporting

Scan using our digital camera

Detailed Reporting

After the scan, we produce a clear and complete colour report highlighting any weaknesses that need to be rectified. Once the faults are corrected, we scan the same spots again to confirm that the ‘hotspots’ have been removed.

Lower Cost

Popular with the Insurance Industry

Lowers Cost

Digital Thermography is popular with the Insurance Industry as it lowers the risk of fires. Many commercial and industrial users of electricity enjoy lower fire insurance premiums once they have carried out such a scan.

Customer Discounts

Existing clients

Customer Discounts

One Alpha Electrical Services offers this service to existing clients at a special price, to continue to add more value for our customers.

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